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Sally in the Afterlife

The First Book by Marla Allen


“My name is Sally. This is the story of my life and what happened to me afterward. Most of it’s true, but you decide for yourself…


Sally’s not my real name, or even a nickname. I changed it to Sally at three years old, long before it was acceptable, cool even, to change your name on a whim. To my parents it was adorable, a phase to outgrow. Never would they have gone along had they not believed that ultimately, I would learn to love the graceful, melodic, significant, Hebrew name they had carefully chosen, the name on my birth certificate. But I never did.

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My Story

I’ve been fascinated with the afterlife ever since my HIV diagnosis in 1988 when I accepted the fact that I was going to die, if that was my fate, but wanted to know where I was going. Since then, I’ve been studying the afterlife and have become a long-term survivor of AIDS. Over the decades, I’ve discovered my intuitive gifts and utilize them as a lightworker.

Sally Teaches Forgivness

Forgiving others wasn't always easy for Sally, but guess what?

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Sally Discovers We're All Connected

Sally believed she and everyone around her was an island...

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