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Sally Teaches Forgiveness

In the book, Sally in the Afterlife, during the main character, Sally’s life, forgiveness didn't come easy for her, but guess what? She learned in her afterlife that one of the reasons for living was to learn to forgive completely. And now, Sally wants to teach you about forgiveness with some help from Roberta Grimes ( If you learn how to forgive now, you won't have to wait until your afterlife to learn it, as Sally did.

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Sally Discovers We’re All Connected

During her life, Sally, the main character in Sally in the Afterlife, believed she and everyone around her was an island, completely separate and cut off from the other islands around her, and that nothing anyone did affected anyone else. Therefore, she and the other islands around her could behave almost any way they wanted, without any consequences to speak of. In fact, throughout Sally’s life, she prided herself on her independence, which she admired as one of her major strengths and greatest virtues.

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